If you would like to use some of our illustrations, please create a ticket and the Brand Design team will get back to you on this.

Illustration System

A series of illustrations to be used across different channels and touch-points of the Urban Sports Group’s brand. Illustration should play a supporting role to photography in our brand and help wrap-up complex ideas, while helping to reduce dense blocks of copy.

Style Guidelines



Black pen/pencil lines with a natural stroke irregularity. Some areas should be filled out with black to create contrast and describe shadows.


With a little texture, our illustrations gain some depth and materiality. These textures have a worn out halfone feel. The constant sized dots fill some areas of the drawings, suggesting lighter shadows and surface textures.


Color in our illustration should follow the brand color pallete. As a general rule, it is advisable to use from 1 to a maximum of 3 colors per set of illustrations. The combination of colors should be discussed with the brand team to evaluate each application.

1 Color

2 Colors

3 Colors

Characters’ Style

Facial Expressions

The complexity of facial features of our characters depedent on their scale. These can be inexistent in smaller scales or when objects or shadows overlap them. In bigger sizes, characters may have facial features described by simple lines and dots that help conveying their feelings and states of mind.

Body Representation

Our characters have human proportions with an energetic feel. Their scale can be mixed within one illustration to convey depth or build multiple narratives.



  • composition with reduced number of characters and/or objects
  • some surrounding / interactible elements (realistic or abstract)
  • single idea / narrative


  • multiple characters and objects / elements
  • busier scenes, element stacking, abstractions
  • single idea / multiple parallel narratives possible


The inclusivity of our product should also be reflected in our characters. Their physical features should reflect different etnicities, age groups (within our target audience), body types and personal styles.